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Instructions and Help about a1c online logging form
Hey everyone so I hope having a fantastic day today I want to chat with you about recording your diabetes and logging of blood sugar levels because I have recently found a way of doing it that I found really, really helpful, and I used to be so, so bad at doing this and I kind of figured that quite a few people probably don't record their sugar levels every day or haven't found a system that works for them, so I wanted to give you guys my tips and tricks on how I've managed to kind of get better at recording and analyzing my virtue levels and stuff I do in a day so yeah um I used to keep spreadsheets like online and I used to print them off and my doctor used to give me things to fill out and what else if I don't like printed stuff off the internet like that I found on other websites and things to record my sugar levels, but the thing is I never found any that were comprehensive enough because with a pump you need to record like all sorts of different data like if you've changed your basal rates, or you've done temporary one because you've done exercise, or maybe you've eaten a particular kind of meal you just want mark exactly what you ate and what kind of carbohydrates you've had and what kind of bonus you did and ever lock to write down with a pump there's a lot of love, and so I never found anything that was really it like was giving me the ability to write everything down that was easy to look through and analyze and then how are you got six months to me even a year ago my doctor gave me one of these endocrinologist and which I love it's got the lady on the moped 20 why there's always a lady on a moped she's so happy because she's got a pump today and this is a pump Daily Journal you can order these I think, and I just snapped a few for my doctor and then basically it's got all these different rows this is one day's worth of information, and before I show you guys if I do when I say it's been really helpful I've put this adds my sugar level text and a pen on the table on the kitchen table, and it stays there the whole day and then fill out throughout the day so all keep it in my bag that's the other thing I don't put it in my bedroom to fill out at the end of the day I'd like to do it as I'm going so that I'm more on top of everything and also if I save it till the end of the day I just don't like filling it in because it's just so much information to write down, and we look at that it's just so much so doing it as I go is so much easier and that means I don't forget things I do as well and so that's been really, really great no one Minds having on the kitchen table which is great and the other thing is yeah well, so that's how I keep doing like that's how I keep on top of doing it and how yeah I find it perfect and this little book is there's really little it yeah it doesn't really take it very much space rather than a big a dash or spreadsheet or ever, so this is what it looks like, and you write the date at the top you know why I'm...


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